What is the Fortified Home Program?

Severe storms and weather can be big concerns for homeowners, especially in states where they’re more prevalent. To help alleviate this concern, the fortified home program was created to strengthen homes and prevent severe storm damage.

Keep reading to learn more about the fortified home program, how it helps homeowners, and the surprising benefit it can have for your insurance rates.

What is the Fortified Home Program?

The fortified home program was created to build homes that can withstand the impacts of severe storms and hurricanes. The program is common in southern states where severe weather is frequent. The fortified home program recognizes that traditional home building is more susceptible to storm damage and aims to meet higher standards of protection. 

The fortified home program will connect you with a professional home builder who will update your home to be optimized for severe weather. There are multiple focuses within the program such as roof, silver, and gold. These provide different levels of protection based on your home and needs.

History of the Fortified Home Program

The fortified home program was started in 2010 by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, located in Florida. The organization uses a research institute to test its fortified home solutions. They use simulated rain, wind, hail, and other weather conditions to ensure that their fortified home solutions are durable through various climates.

The original mission of the fortified home program is similar to its current goal: to prevent home damage from severe weather. Many states have supported the fortified home program after the destructive impacts of severe storms in their states. For example, Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Katrina have motivated Alabama to support this program along with other initiatives that aim to reduce storm damage. Since its creation, thousands of homes have been created or updated to meet fortified home standards. 

How Does the Fortified Home Program Help Homeowners?

The main function of the fortified home program is to build stronger properties, especially in states where severe weather is common. Fortified homes are specifically designed to handle winds and strengthen roofs to limit the impacts of storms. 

After severe storms, homeowners may be required to make repairs or even move because of damage. The fortified home program aims to eliminate the stress that comes with recovering from storms. Homes are important parts of people’s lives and losing them is very difficult. By updating your property to meet fortified home standards, you can prevent losing your home and other valuable items within it. 

Updating your home to meet fortified standards has another unexpected benefit: lowering your insurance costs. 

Insurance Benefits of the Fortified Home Program

In Alabama, insurance companies are required to give discounts to properties that meet the fortified home standards. This is intended to be an incentive for people to participate in this program and prevent mass destruction from severe storms. Thus, participating in the fortified home program can lower insurance costs.

Furthermore, having a home that meets fortified standards can make insurance companies more likely to work with you since it’s less likely that you will need to file a claim. Stronger homes equal less damage and claims, thus leading to lower insurance costs. 

Update Your Home for Lower Insurance Rates

There are many benefits to the fortified home program, especially if you live in a state where severe storms are common. Consider investing in this program to update your home. You’ll reduce the risk of home damage from storms and lower your insurance costs.

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